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In October 16th, Guangdong Bi Da door industry Limited by Share Ltd (Sino US joint venture) "exploding products, winning the future" - modern intelligent products, creating profit fission as the theme of the 2017 global new product conference in Vienna, Foshan, the Kokusai Hotel successfully completed the curtain, more than 120 dealers from all over the country have witnessed this flourishing world !

Since May this year, since the Bi Da door industry started the explosive product strategy, the company has concentrated all the energy, material and financial exploding products. At the same time, it has officially opened the "industrial upgrading" strategy of the Bi Da door industry. It has invested about 10000000 yuan from equipment upgrading, team building, product research and development, product manufacturing to marketing strategy, overseas layout and so on. Letos, to create a completely new brand. Dealers across the country have also witnessed the upgraded brand new door by participating in this explosion conference.

This is the German modern smart door products, as well as the American classic series of courtyard doors, explosion-proof doors, door doors and modern simple style courtyard doors.

Explosive product - German modern smart gate: design from Milan fashion classic; hardware all uses the German imported big cock, ECO, gaze and silk Julia and other brands; intelligent lock selects the international top Samsung, Gediman, Yale and other brands; in order to achieve the surface extreme beauty and durability, select the Japanese imported 3M weatherability. The surface decoration film, and the characteristic automobile grade aluminum material and so on make the quality assurance, makes every effort to create a product which lets the user scream.

In response to the expectations, the launch of the product of the door was surprised by all the dealers present. At the same time, the American classical series has also been highly recognized. The modern simple courtyard door series has been recognized as the main product of future sales segments. In the afternoon, the starting meeting will share the scene, when the price that the dealer is unable to wait for the lower deposit and join, the presence of about 3000000 yuan, there are many lost dealers have to transfer accounts to preemption.

Next, the Guangdong Da Da door industry will carry out the exhibition of explosive products according to the regional division. At the same time, we look forward to more business opportunities to the intention dealers who are not here. In the future, we hope that more explosive products and services will bring you unlimited wealth.


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