The "cold and heat" of the customization of the villa door industry


Custom is recognized by the industry as one of the hot words of villa door industry. Since 2016, its heat has remained undiminished. But is the customization of the villa door business really good? In fact, in the context of the rapid development of the villa door industry, the villa door customization restricts the large-scale development of the villa door industry, creating the "cold and hot" of the villa door industry.

The contradiction between customization and scale

Villa door is customized products, to achieve industrialization, we must first break through the bottleneck of customized products to achieve large-scale standardized production. Because customized products are too personalized and customized, and the standards are missing, the development speed of doors and windows industry is limited. This is the contradiction between individuation and scale, and it is also the root that restricts the industry to be bigger and stronger than furniture and household appliances. Therefore, in general, the door and window industry is difficult to appear "oligarch", to realize "one big, size to eat" is not possible at present, so "a hundred schools of contention, a hundred flowers bloom" phenomenon in the door and window and other custom industry.


Custom-made furniture becomes a hot spot in the market

In the home market such as doors and windows, the demand for customized furniture is strong. The owner's new house starts from the door, the door and window, the wardrobe, the cloakroom, the shoe cabinet, the bookshelf and other furniture want to customize or buy the finished products. This is a problem: from the price point of view, the custom door and window furniture is more expensive than the finished products and doors and windows with the same material, but the custom door and window furniture is more flexible and full use in every corner. It is built for space alone, and it can be harmoniously unified with the whole family style, so the consumer's demand is more easily met. Even if the price is higher, the customized furniture is still welcomed by the market.

People in the industry believe that the structure of the house is not reasonable and the house type is not unified, which is the main reason why the custom demand is so vigorous now, and the consumer has to choose the custom to avoid the pipeline and avoid the unreasonable housing type. But in the long run, this factor will disappear as developers pay more attention to the development of a more reasonable and consistent apartment design. From the cost, it is the general trend to reduce the waste and waste of construction waste and resources caused by dismantling the house according to the demand. The "cold" performance of the door and window furniture customization is restricted to the scale development of the door and window enterprises, and the "heat" shows the strong demand for the customized furniture in the market. Between "cold and hot", doors and windows and other furniture enterprises how to satisfy consumers' efforts to store and receive demand are becoming more and more important.

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