Look at the transformation, upgrading and healthy development of the villa door industry


A few days ago, the office of the State Council issued the "guidance on promoting the steady growth of building materials industry" (hereinafter referred to as "opinion"), to dissolve the surplus capacity of the cement and flat glass industry in the coming period, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the building materials industry, and promote the development of building materials enterprises to reduce the cost and achieve the development of poverty relief. From the state office to promote steady growth in building materials industry, we can see some doors and windows industry transformation and upgrading, healthy development direction.

State Office issued a document to promote transformation and upgrading of building materials industry and healthy development

In order to promote the upgrading and upgrading of the building materials industry, the office of the State Council proposed to decompress a batch of cement, flat glass capacity and production utilization rate back to a reasonable range by 2020, and the production concentration, deep processing level, and the proportion of green building materials are steadily higher, the quality level and the quality of the high-end products are supplied. Significantly enhanced, energy saving and resource comprehensive utilization level further improved, building materials industry benefits improved, cement, flat glass industry sales profit margins close to the industrial average level, the total industry profits to achieve positive growth.


Look at the transformation and upgrading of the door and window industry and the direction of healthy development

From the "opinion", we can conclude that the door and window industry should realize the healthy development of transformation and upgrading, and also need to seize the key problems of structural distortion and disordered competition, make up a short supply side, promote joint restructuring in an orderly way, improve the environment of enterprise development, enhance the innovation ability of the enterprise, expand the production and application of new and green products. We should actively carry out domestic capacity cooperation, optimize industrial layout and organizational structure, and effectively improve the quality and efficiency of doors and windows. The transformation and upgrading of wooden door enterprises should further improve the concentration of production, the level of deep processing of products, the proportion of green door products, and enhance the quality of products and the supply capacity of high-end products, and further improve the level of energy saving and comprehensive utilization of resources. At the same time, environmental protection, energy consumption, quality, safety, technology and other laws and regulations and industrial policies should be strictly carried out. Market means should be used to promote joint reorganization, integrate property rights or management rights, optimize the layout of production capacity, and improve the concentration of production. By developing green intelligent manufacturing, supporting enterprise innovation, implementing brand strategy and carrying out productivity cooperation, we can promote efficiency reduction.

In recent years, the scale of our door and window industry has been expanding, the structure is optimized gradually, the ability of innovation, green and sustainable development has been obviously enhanced, and it has played an active role in the economic and social development and the improvement of the people's livelihood. But at the same time, influenced by the economic growth rate and the shortage of market demand, the growth of the door and window industry is slowing down, the benefit is falling, and the product is partly adapted to the need of production and consumption upgrading. Therefore, it is a good way to refer to the experience and draw lessons from the door and window industry.

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