Five features of the villa gate

1. Corrosion resistance

Because the raw material used in the villa is colored galvanized steel, and we all know that the galvanized steel plate has a very high strength and good corrosion resistance, so the color steel doors naturally have corrosion resistance.

2. Good physical performance

The physical properties of any kind of material will be tested at the time of production, and the three physical properties of the color steel door can reach grade I, the air tightness can reach grade I to grade, the water tightness can reach grade III, so the physical property of the color steel door is stable enough, even if it is installed in the 30 storey, its rigidity will not appear to be a problem. .

3. Good seal

To install doors, apart from the protection of indoor safety, there is isolation from the outside world, so sealing must be better. The sealing capacity of the villa gate can reach grade I, and its air infiltration value is less than 0.5m3/ (M.H).

4. Long service life

The color steel door is made from galvanized steel plate. It has a very strong weatherability. It is installed in the building, and it can basically live with the building. It is very durable.

5. Good decoration

Color steel outside the table bright, colorful and colorful, such as tea color, white, blue, orange red, bean green and so on, can match with various kinds of buildings, to create the best overall effect.

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