Villas door cleaning technique
Date: 2016-08-07
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Paint brush dedusting

Because the gap in the villa is narrower and narrower, it is difficult to clean the tiny gap with the rag. As long as there is a paint brush, the dust in the gap can be cleaned out.

White vinegar decontamination method

How should the villa gate be cleaned up? Do not use cleaners. Cleaning with white vinegar is a good choice. Sprinkle some white vinegar at the door gap. Dust will be brought out and also clean. Finally, clean it again with clean water

Sponge decontamination method

The softness of the sponge is very strong, so it is also a good cleaning tool. To cut the sponge against the shape of the track, it is easy to penetrate into the interior of the door and clean it from inside.

Toothbrush decontamination method

For some smaller gaps, the waste toothbrush is a good dedusting tool. The dust is cleaned along the gap to the corner. The cards can be folded and the dust can be cleaned up. The waste toothbrush can be recycled many times, both effective and no 

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