Strength article:

Enterprise introduction

Guangdong Bi Da door industry Limited by Share Ltd (Sino US joint venture) was founded in 1998, located in the beautiful South China Sea and cinnamon Industrial Park in Foshan, Guangdong, adjacent to Guangzhou, through the Pearl River Delta, superior geography and convenient transportation. After eighteen years of development and expansion, the company has invested heavily in hardware construction, now has a large production base of nearly 50 thousand square meters, modern garden type factory building and functional office administration building, into more than 3000 square garden landscape greening, small bridge water, green garden Diecai, elegant environment, is the current industry has a large scale of professional establishment. Development, production and sales of luxury villas door customized manufacturers.

Quality article:

A good job is a good thing.

In order to cater for the trend and demand of today's market, we have a keen insight and wisdom. At the expense of introducing advanced technology and first-class equipment such as Germany, Austria, Slovenia and other advanced equipment, expanding production line and implementing modern process production management, we have a series of advanced production equipment and professional management, R & D, production and sales personnel. Benda always adhere to the goal of "creating first-class enterprises, making first-class products and famous brands of trees", with the mission of "villa door world world villa door", with the spirit of transcending self, pursuit of excellence and innovation and enterprising, overlooking the international villa door home industry with high standard and high starting position.


The truth is better than the eloquence.

After years of dedicated scientific management of the people, the company has introduced ISO9001:2008 international quality management system certification. It has won the honorary title of "quality service reputation AAA brand", "China famous product", "national user satisfaction brand" and other honorary titles, and is recommended by the top domestic designer gold medal club. At the same time, it has been with CCTV, southern TV station, Southern Airlines, real estate, China real estate newspaper and lake. South TV station, Sichuan TV station, house door and window magazine, discovery resource magazine, new ball media, Hui Ya information, Chinese door and window net, China building materials network, and other high-end TV media, newspapers and magazines, and so on. At the same time in the most influential Beijing, Zhejiang, Guangzhou to participate in the exhibition of building materials and windows, and in September 2015, the United States (Atlanta) successfully held an international scale exhibition, greatly attracted the European and American countries of the related villas's colleagues and local architects hot chasing!

Memorabilia of the Royal Guardians:

In 2012, the Royal Guard brand of the company reached a major breakthrough in product innovation. In order to build villas gate and villas entry door, outdoor courtyard gate, fence, guardrail as the core strategy, the product technology and technology services will be upgraded in an all-round way. Through product innovation to provide consumers with rusty carved aluminum casting outdoor products, from the leader to the "world villas door - villa door world" for the mission of change. Thoroughly solve the problem of outdoor products' durability. The Royal guardians have launched the "Buckingham Palace" series, and Buckingham Palace is one of the most known buildings in the present day. In 1837, it became the Queen's palace in the Queen's palace, the courtyard gate of the vestibule, the big staircase, and so on, almost all made by the famous architects of the world, the British craftsmen. These classics can be made with luxury goods. Comparable to that, it is a rare masterpiece in the world, which conceals the supreme dignity and style of the British royal family.

China Merchants:

In November 11, 2012, Zhuo Yaozhi, who was greatly respected by the royal family, was shocked by the Buckingham Palace courtyard gate in Foshan, Guangdong, China. The products were extremely concerned by people from all walks of life, such as multimedia, dealers, consumers and other people from all walks of life. In order to build the luxury goods in the courtyard door, the 12 Chinese Zodiac national treasure of the Old Summer Palace is the same as the Chinese Old Summer Palace. At the scene of the Buckingham Palace press conference, Buckingham Palace's product features use the best environmental protection cast aluminum material to thoroughly solve the rusting and rusty of the outdoor products. The design follows the honorable style of the Royal Palace in the British royal palace. The pattern art flower industry is made from the traditional handmade and handmade. The products are exclusive and more than 50 patents have been awarded to the whole household. The zero breakthrough of foreign products, the choice of art products is more a landscape, the Royal guardians of the Buckingham Palace courtyard door series, to build a villa door luxury.



Royal escort in 2013, 2014, 2015 to the global grand investment, again with a new strong brand strategy new posture, refresh the industry high-end blank record, the specification is unprecedented, the product shock the whole field, solemnly staged a grand ceremony! Once again create the wealth of the home building materials industry explosion engine! At the same time, the activities were almost full, the signing customers scrambled to seize the opportunity, and the majority of the dealers were confident that the brand image was upgraded to a hundred times, and the Royal Guard brand was promoted to the leading height of the industry. At the same time, in 2015, the bi Da people did not meet the status quo and quickly extended their tentacles to the developed European and American countries. Entered the German, Austria, snovenian top villas door brand and technical cooperation, successfully signed the brand cooperation strategic alliance. Rapid expansion of the Royal Guard escorts the global first-class villa door brand strength!

Product article:

The Royal Guard villa door series adopts excellent environmental protection alloy, pure copper material, molded precision casting, and whole board numerical control carving technology. Unique outdoor product spraying equipment and paint processing, eradicating the iron products rusty durable defects, with ultra strong moisture proof, anti ultraviolet, anti impact, anti violent damage and other functions, after-sale maintenance free, long lasting. We constantly improve and upgrade the products, the precision casting of accessories and the numerical control carving of flower parts, which strengthens the door body anti-theft function and breaks the traditional welding process. The design of the Royal guardians has Chinese, European style, exclusive design, a number of national patents to meet the different needs of high-end consumer groups, numerical control carving technology to make the product more delicate and unique. It makes the traditional culture style, decoration and retro effect show the most incisive, honorable and luxurious. Each door is loved by customers both at home and abroad. The villa outdoor courtyard door Buckingham Palace series, villa courtyard door engraving series, villa courtyard door precision casting series, villa outdoor enclosure handrail series, villa European new classical entrance door series, villa original imported door series, villa pure copper carving entrance door series, luxurious mansion high-grade and color metal door series.


Dream chapter:

Bi Da - the Royal guardians distribution network is all over the world's more than 500 cities and sold to Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States and other parts of the world. We promise every customer using the Royal guardians that superior quality and innovation are the eternal pursuit of the Boda, and the "Royal guardians" brand has entered a new and innovative mileage. Confidence and responsibility will encourage the people to innovate and meet difficulties and work together to create new achievements and write new brilliance. Meet and exceed the expectations of customers and friends, truly become the leader of the world villas gate villa door world.