Enterprise objectives:

World villa gate - villa door world

Product positioning:

Rolls-Royce, villas, one stop courtyard doors, fences, staircase handrails, non standard customization

The biggest feature of the product:

1. pure aluminum casting: a major breakthrough from raw materials; a radical change in iron art rust disease.

2. dare to promise: 50 years do not rust, a hundred years of real quality

3. exclusive products, has won more than 50 national patents.

Market strategy:

1. differentiated marketing: product differentiation and market differentiation

2. blue sea strategy

3. less than ten competing products, scarce products, huge market space and huge share.

4. high end market, rich in profit

Product market:

1. special projects: real estate, enterprises, units and other supporting products (balconies, fences, guardrails, gates, staircases)

2. home decoration: unique style, unprecedented product development