Ten support helps you to succeed

01, free gift flagship store - back house support

For eligible distributors, the company will provide flagship stores free of charge and rent rent subsidies.

02, local community, building promotion support

To provide free poster, publicity page, product handbook and other promotional materials for distributors, and so on. For eligible dealers, the company will provide free gate, sample and other support.

03, regional protection support

According to the provisions of the franchise agreement, give corresponding regional protection.

04, sample support

We offer preferential prices and provide the latest model to our franchising agents.

05, decoration support

Provide a full set of stores & Villa gate design scheme, including layout drawings, decoration effect drawings, construction drawings and decoration materials requirements, and give appropriate subsidy for the decoration costs.

06, training support

Provide free staff training, business preparation and store product display and other guidance services; perfect dealer guidance system, professional system marketing and technical training guidance.

07, brand promotion support

The Royal Guard will provide a full range of three-dimensional brand promotion support, including advertising in the Internet, TV, newspapers, magazines and other media.

08, rebate support

The company will provide corresponding rebate support to dealers according to the agreement.

09, sales software support

The company will support the IPad's palm shopping guide display system software.

10, authentication support

The company provides product testing reports, certificates and so on.