1. Selection criteria for franchisees

1. Identify the brand concept and core values of Bi Da

2. A deep understanding and deposition of high-end life culture.

3. More than two years working experience in related industry, has certain team building resources and execution ability.

4. The building materials business circle in the joining area can achieve a significant business position.

5, with computer application and related network marketing awareness

6, experience and management of their own businesses have a certain scale and output value.

7. There are certain connections and social resources in the franchise area.

8, there is a certain degree of financial strength and marketing capabilities, understand the market development villa door.

9, accept the unified management mechanism of headquarters, and fully follow up the marketing promotion of the headquarters and the whole country.

Two. The credit audit of franchisees

1, franchisees must have certain financial strength and investment capability.

2, franchisees have to have good personal credit

3, the franchiser must have good social relations

Three. Review of business circle

1, do franchisees have or will have their own business location?

2, whether the market conditions, consumer income and consumption level of the franchisee's location are suitable for the market development strategy of the door.

Four. Data audits of franchisees

1. Basic information and social experience of franchisees

2. The marketing and operation team of the franchiser

3. The geographical and human relations of franchisees

4, the virtuous resources of the franchiser's own freedom

The strong development of the industry in China is to create a platform for common development and sharing of fruits. With the good opportunity of the strong development of Bi Da, Bi Da door sends sincere invitation to the elite franchisees in the blank market of China, and sincerely invites you to join the wealth profit system of villa gate.